Learning, making, sharing and helping to change the world are your aspirations. So, you provide your members with machines whose use you must constantly manage. Every day, you spend time managing and planning your activities, being interrupted by subscription and registration requests that you process on a daily basis. Your members are co-building new projects that you are struggling to value.  

Don't waste any more time managing your fablab, adopt Fab Manager!

Why will this solution become your best ally?

  • All your resources (machines, training, workshops, etc.) will be managed and bookable online, within a single interface, easy to use.
  • Your accounting management will be made easier thanks to modules allowing you to customize, generate your invoices and credit notes and export them to your accounting software.
  • Your community will be strengthened. Your members' projects will be enhanced thanks to a gallery of documented projects, visible to the entire Fab Manager network.
  • Your users will benefit from a secure personal space, to book your resources in one click and participate in the life of your Fablab.

Want to try?

Depending on your needs, take advantage of one of our 3 new offers in Cloud version: Workshop, Factory or Foundry. You will no longer have to worry about hosting, maintenance or security of your instance, we take care of it.

Why do we offer you Cloud offers?

Cloud offers, allow to :

  • give everyone the opportunity to use Fab Manager with or without knowledge in web development
  • have regular updates
  • contribute to the development of Fab Manager, which is regularly updated with new features to best meet your needs.
Which offer is right for you?
  • Has your fablab just started? Your community has less than 200 members? The Workshop offer is perfect to get started quickly and weld your community together.
  • You want a complete and unlimited formula to manage and monitor their daily activities efficiently? The Fabric offer will convince you.
  • If, you are looking for a 100% customizable formula so you can adjust Fab Manager according to your obligations and your own needs? The Foundry offer will meet your expectations.

You already use Fab Manager and you want to save time by adopting a Cloud offer? For each of these plans, we migrate your data from Fab Manager Open source to our Fab Manager Cloud offers free of charge.