Fab Manager


Hear from our members about the impact of Fab Manager cloud on the management of their spaces.

Exemplary support responsiveness. Fab Manager has greatly simplified the entire management of our schedule and budget. Open to suggestions for improvement and willing to listen, it is the perfect tool for managing a place like a fablab.


Mathias Alarson

Fab manager


With all its features, it's probably the most suitable tool to help manage a place, especially a FabLab-type space (it's designed for it, and it works pretty well). The roadmap gives an idea of the upcoming developments and allows for contribution :) The cloud solution makes it possible to use this tool even without the infrastructure of a computer server and the skills that go with it, it becomes accessible to everyone.

Logo Relais d'science, Le Dôme

Emmanuel Gilloz

Fab manager

Relais d'science, Le Dôme

Bau has integrated the Fab Manager as a management platform for all the workshops at our university. We think it is a platform that adapts very well to our needs. What I value most positively is the service of attention to the problems it has, as they have responded to all our problems quickly.

Logo BAU, Centre d'Art i Disseny de Barcelona

Josep M Marimon Soler

Head of Technology for Education

BAU, Centre d'Art i Disseny de Barcelona

The use of Fab Manager makes it easier for us to book initiations, workshops and machine slots. Access to machine reservations according to the training courses followed saves us a lot of time because everything is done independently on the site. The fact that we can publish projects and that they are visible among those of other places makes the link with the network of Fablabs.

Logo Fablab La Verrière

Laetitia Ayme

Fab manager

Fablab La Verrière

Fab Manager is a fantastic tool that allows us to centralize the management of the Fab's activities. This all-in-one, scalable tool is well suited for the Fab and its activities. It helps us ensure the administration of our members, organize and plan our events and training, and track our performance in the third-place activity. The shop module is an additional asset that now allows us to track our consumable stocks but also showcase the Fab's productions. The cloud offer saves us from having to mobilize a dedicated resource for software maintenance and gives us the opportunity to benefit from the latest product developments resulting from the user experiences of the Fab Manager community and Sleede's clear commitment to supporting the development of fans by offering us the best possible features to meet the specific needs of our activities. Thanks again for this well-designed product!!


Cyr Banga Mboko

Fab manager


Designed for the management of a fablab and its community, Fab Manager has been the privileged hub for our users and students for 5 years now. From the management of events to the booking system, the tool allows an intuitive navigation that greatly facilitates the link between the fablab team and the contact or information with our public.

Logo Edulab - Université Rennes 2

Tony Vanpoucke

Fab manager

Edulab - Université Rennes 2

Fab Manager allows us to manage our users, our machines, our training and our workshops in one easy-to-use platform. The customisation of the homepage and the colours of the site allow us to stick to the visual identity of our lab.

Logo Labhidouille

Tom Gueneau

Fab manager


We've been using FabManager for several years to manage our local (Antilles-Guyane, Avignon, Jouy, Versailles…) and national (Lab'Innov) digital incubators. It's an easy-to-use tool that can be customized to suit the specific services offered by each digital incubator. One of the strengths of this tool is the shared project gallery, which enables us to consult projects carried out locally, or throughout our network.


Olivier Schneider

IT Strategy & Research Manager


We are a community-run centre and have been using Fab Manager for two years. A pleasant team that listens to you and adapts to your needs, the project is progressing day by day. There are still improvements to be made but the team is doing everything possible to move forward.

Logo Tiers lieu Quartiers Libres

Alix Levesque

Project manager

Tiers lieu Quartiers Libres

Fab Manager allows us to offer a range of services for our members (online payment of bookings, project documentation, diary etc.). As a result, thousands of member accounts have been created, significantly reducing administrative tasks and increasing our revenue.

Logo La Casemate

Pascal Moutet

Web Project Manager & Media Lab Manager

La Casemate

Fab Manager is the ideal tool for managing machine reservations. We can integrate a description of each piece of equipment with instructions and video tutorials. We can adapt it to our operation by disabling certain features or using certain tricks. The Fab Manager team is always ready to listen to our needs and to help the platform evolve.

Logo Polytech Orléans

Clarisse Novello

Fab manager

Polytech Orléans

Fab Manager has made it easier to book our CNC machines. It has enabled us to organise ourselves better and our members appreciate being able to book slots without having to call us. The booking system for events is also very useful.

Logo Onl'fait

Bérengère Iragne

Head of communications and project manager


We integrated Fab Manager to give ourselves a breather. This way, our members can be assured of having a positive experience with our lab. We received excellent service from the Fab Manager team, from preparation to support after the installation of the instance. Thank you very much!!!

Logo DigiHub Shawinigan

Maxime Bordeleau

Lab manager

DigiHub Shawinigan