Fab Manager


From room and machine reservation to online payment or user management. Our modules facilitate the management of your fablab.


Resource Management
  • Resources
  • Members
  • Projects
  • Pricing
  • Payment
  • Store
  • Customization
  • Integration

Manage your resources

Machines, workshops, trainings, events, spaces, gather and animate your community around your activities, in all simplicity.

  • Calendar

    Automatically plan and centralize all your activities in a single calendar. Find them at a glance thanks to a colourful typology.

  • Machines

    Display your 3D printers, cutters, milling machines, small equipment... allow your users to book them on the available slots.

  • Event and training

    Bring your fablab to life, by presenting your events/training sessions and practical information. They can be consulted and booked in one click !

  • Rooms

    You offer coworking, meeting rooms ? Rent them directly from your Fab Manager.

  • Reservation slots

    Create, delete, move your booking slots in your calendar and open them for booking. Slots of one hour, 4 hours or one day, the choice is yours !

  • Automation

    As soon as an action is performed in your Fab Manager, you receive a notification. Nothing escapes your attention !

  • Authorization

    Are your members able to move and cancel their reservation without any restrictions ? It's up to you to determine this, through your settings.

  • Statistics

    Control the evolution of your activity through a statistical analysis module. From reservation rates to evolution of subscriptions by way of project monitoring, analyze and measure your data.

Manage your members

Gain proximity and fluidity in the relationship with your members.

  • Import

    Import your members into the platform, it's possible. A CSV file is at your disposal.

  • Account creation

    Add or modify a member's file through the user management module.

  • Personal space

    Let each of your members benefit from a dedicated and secure space that will allow them to make their reservation, modify them, cancel them, search for an invoice... in complete autonomy.

  • Training courses

    A training follow-up interface, nothing better to visualize and validate all participants in each of your sessions, and open access rights to some of your machines.

  • Automation

    A reservation made, a subscription renewed, Fab Manager keeps your members informed of the processing of their request. Sending emails and notifications, everything is automated !

  • Tag

    Identify your members by assigning them "tags" to better know them and target your actions. Training can be restricted to your "expert" members.

  • Segmentation

    Collect information about your members, create user profiles and groups to better segment your audience and meet their expectations.

  • Updates

    All reservations/registrations of your members updated in real time.

Stimulate projects

Promote the sharing of experiences and knowledge, thanks to dedicated tools.

  • Project Gallery

    Imagine ! All the projects documented and published by your members, gathered in a gallery. If you wish, you can extend this gallery to all the projects made by fablabs using Fab Manager.

  • Exchange

    Make it easier for your members to interact thanks to discussion threads. Discussing projects becomes so simple !

  • Collaboration

    Put collaboration at the heart of your fablab by allowing each of your members to invite collaborators to join their project.

  • Documentation

    Projects documented in detail thanks to a general presentation combined with a description of all the steps that led to its realization.

  • Search

    Keywords and advanced filters, the recipe to make your results appear faster than you think !

Define your rates and subscriptions

All satisfied ! Thanks to a tailor-made pricing policy that meets the expectations of your members.

  • Subscription plan

    Compose your formulas in complete freedom according to the expectations of your members.

  • Target subscription

    Students, SMEs, craftsmen, teachers, jobseekers... Meet the needs of your different audiences with 100% adapted subscriptions.

  • Customized subscription

    Quarterly subscription, yearly subscription, conditioned on follow-up of training... everything is allowed.

  • Malleable rate

    Apply your rates easily according to your user groups and subscription plans. Ready-to-use modules make it easy for you.

  • Discount

    Sell workshops in the form of box... let your users benefit from limited offers by editing promo codes.

Control your payments and accounting

Enjoy peace of mind and save time with secure, scalable and automated management of your billing and accounting.

  • Online payment by cards

    Your members pay directly online for their subscriptions, machine hours, training and their places to attend your courses and workshops.

  • On site payment

    Do your members wish to pay directly by cheque or cash ? Fab Manager allows you to take reservations on site, directly at the fablab.

  • Electronic wallet

    Credit members' wallets which they can then spend on your Fab Manager.

  • Invoices

    Customize your invoices with your graphic charter and let Fab Manager take care of the rest ! Your invoices are generated, archived, filed and downloadable in PDF format.

  • Assets

    A refund to be made ? Edit your credit in two clicks and find it in the list of your invoices.

  • Export

    Save time by exporting your accounting data to your ERP.

  • Accounting period

    Close your accounting periods to lock your data and generate a secure archive.

  • Compliance

    Fab Manager is compliant with the VAT anti-fraud law 2018 and if you need it, we will issue a certificate of compliance via our Cloud offer.

Online store

Offer for sale your items and consumables, and easily manage your different stocks.

  • Product catalog

    Offer your product catalog (items, consumables) for sale through detailed and categorized sheets.

  • Order management

    Easily track and update the status of your orders from payment to pick-up. Thanks to advanced filters, find them in a few seconds.

  • Payment methods

    Offer your members to pay by credit card, via the electronic wallet or on the spot, by check or in cash. You can even make an order for them. With each payment, invoices are generated automatically.

  • Customization

    Adapt the shop according to your needs: adjust the product withdrawal rules, hide the store from the members' view to use it as an inventory module…

  • Inventory management

    Manage separately external stocks related to online sales and internal stocks dedicated to the use of products not sold online.

  • Stock alert

    For each product, define a low stock threshold and be notified when it is reached. Monitoring your stocks becomes easy!

Customization capabilities

Make Fab Manager your own by shaping it your way. Customize your spaces, features and more !

  • Your image

    Put the platform in your image through CSS customization and ready-to-use themes.

  • Your Fablab

    Present and promote your fablab through a dedicated page.

  • Your domain name

    Use a custom domain name and provide a seamless experience for your members.

  • Your style

    Video, image, link, formatting, style, color... enough to make all your activities attractive.

  • Your messages

    When booking a machine, no cancellations can be made ? Inform your members through personalized messages.

  • Your rules

    Set up your own fablab rules.

  • Your language

    French, English or Spanish, choose your language. With Crowdin platform , you can go further and translate Fab Manager into other languages, with the support of the community.

Promote Integration

Expand Fab Manager's capabilities with external tools and services.

  • API

    Create custom integrations with our API. Recover your events, your trainings and the trainees who attended, the list of your bookings, your invoices...

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

    Let your members log in to Fab Manager using their corporate accounts or any OAuth2-compatible service.

  • Disqus

    Engage your members with Disqus, the plug-in that brings your content to life and fuels your community discussions.

  • Twitter

    Communicate with your members by integrating your fablab's Twitter feed into your Fab Manager.

  • OpenProjects

    Synchronize and share each of your projects with the Open Projects platform. In return, your members will have access to projects documented by all fablabs using Fab Manager

  • Stripe

    Stripe, the recognised and secure solution that takes care of your online payments by cards.

  • Plugins

    You can extend the functionality of Fab Manager by developing your own plugins. We'll be offering some to the community soon !

  • Payzen

    Payment solution offering a smooth user experience and easy monitoring for administrators thanks to a merchant back office. Included in the Foundry offer.

Simplify your daily management

Let us host Fab Manager for you, choose the cloud package that's right for you.